October 30, 2013
Need to Know

toyota_sales22 CR Withdraws Recommendations on 3 Toyota Models

The same day Toy­ota Motor Corp. appeared to cement its lead in the global car sales race, the Japan­ese giant lost a pow­er­ful endorse­ment from Con­sumer Reports.

Find out more about the 3 mod­els and their strug­gle with reli­a­bil­ity stan­dards. [More]

Business Week
consumer_reports22 Reliability Has Become an Issue For Automakers

Newer audio and info­tain­ment sys­tems con­tinue to cre­ate headaches for con­sumers and ham­per the reli­a­bil­ity of many vehi­cles, accord­ing to Con­sumer Reports.

Find out more about the reli­a­bil­ity rank­ings from Con­sumer Reports. [More]

Detroit News

VIDEO: Auto Market Doing Well Amidst Uncertainties

In the fall of 2013, deal­ers are doing well and are expe­ri­enc­ing healthy growth and prof­itabil­ity. Access to financ­ing in both the prime and sec­ondary mar­kets have enabled deal­ers to sell more vehi­cles. There seems to be need for more infor­ma­tion by both con­sumers and dealer man­age­ment seek­ing to deal with eco­nomic uncertainties.

VIDEO: Car Shopping Online
  Showroom Visits are Down, Web Visits are Up

Web shop­ping is on the upswing as show­room vis­its decrease: car buy­ers are shop­ping first and fore­most online, and that trend is only going to increase.

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VIDEO: Using Data the Right Way
  Harnessing Data Properly is Now Mission-Critical

Data is only good if you can use it to con­vert more cus­tomers into sales trans­ac­tions — is your deal­er­ship embrac­ing tech­nol­ogy to make proper use of the data you have? If not, you’re giv­ing your com­peti­tors an advantage.

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Dealer Pain Points

really old inventory ROI: Really Old Inventory or Return On Investment?

What does a deal­er­ship have in com­mon with the pro­duce sec­tion of a super­mar­ket? Both want only fresh inventory.

Click here for a video where you’ll learn how to improve the pace of the “turn” of your used inven­tory and your return on invest­ment at the same time.

Website Hits and Misses Boosting Online Success

Your store man­agers and employ­ees know how to han­dle “ups” on the lot. They’ve been doing it for years. There’s a sys­tem. And if it didn’t work you’d be out of busi­ness by now. But what about the “ups” who visit your vir­tual store on the Internet?

Click here to see a video on boost­ing your online success.

Cash Clot How to Stock Used Vehicles Customers Want

Chances are you have some­one on staff who fan­cies him­self a used car expert. He’s been a val­ued employee. He’s been around forever.

The dig­i­tal rev­o­lu­tion has changed how the game is played. Ignore the new rules at your own peril.

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Doing It Right  

Used car shop­pers and deal­ers now have a new web­site that pro­vides them with the infor­ma­tion they need to make informed deci­sions when pur­chas­ing a pre-owned vehicle.

VINCheckPro.com is an inno­v­a­tive web­site that allows mem­bers to per­form VIN checks and retrieve motor vehi­cle reports right from their per­sonal com­puter or tablet.
Prices at VINCheck­Pro are some of the low­est in the indus­tries, and spe­cial rates are avail­able for deal­ers and oth­ers who might require vehi­cle reports in bulk.

Learn more …

Behind the Numbers  

For deal­ers inter­ested in what’s hap­pen­ing with their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strate­gies…. Dataium has just launched a new bench­mark­ing report – Online Auto­mo­tive Traf­fic Bench­marks.

This report helps deal­er­ships gain insight into web­site trends across the nation and also see how their web­site stacks up. And it pro­vides indus­try watch­ers with a snap­shot of web­site trends.

Key web­site traf­fic data is pre­sented – such as num­ber of vis­i­tors, searches, and pages viewed.

Find out what else is being dis­cov­ered by Dataium about key online traf­fic per­for­mance benchmarks…….

Build a Better Dealership

ford_technology22Ford Sees Itself as a Technology Company

Tak­ing a for­ward look, Ford Motor Co. exec­u­tives say they are con­fi­dent they can sus­tain a robust pace of growth over the next cou­ple years, and beyond.

Find out more about what Ford exec­u­tives think of the automaker. [More]

dos and dontsCombating the Top Mistakes of Automotive Marketing


Con­sumer behav­ior and the pur­chase process have intro­duced changes to auto­mo­tive mar­ket­ing and media attri­bu­tion, but deal­er­ships are look­ing at old met­rics in old ways, accord­ing to Cars.com.

Fol­low­ing these 7 “dig­i­tal sins” could mean a dealer is wast­ing media dol­lars and elim­i­nat­ing adver­tis­ing options that could help influ­ence shoppers.


Cars.com aims to posi­tion deal­ers to reach the right audi­ence, build aware­ness, drive con­sid­er­a­tion and ulti­mately improve con­ver­sion rates.

Cars.com Train­ers, Ed Woelfle and Jack Sim­mons, work together to high­light seven com­mon mea­sure­ment chal­lenges, and pro­vide tips to align processes and media buy­ing deci­sions with the behav­iors of today’s car shop­per in a webi­nar titled “The Seven Dig­i­tal Sins of Attri­bu­tion”.

Webi­nar reg­is­tra­tion is free. Read on!

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

The Sit­u­a­tion:

DePaula Chevro­let, Albany, New York, went from sell­ing an aver­age 60 used vehi­cles per month to an aver­age month of 130 sales. Dale Pol­lak, founder of vAuto and Veloc­ity, shares the pos­i­tive results as an instruc­tive exam­ple of one deal­er­ship that bit the bul­let and decided “enough is enough” in falling behind in used vehi­cle sales.

“We’re mak­ing more net profit in a month now than we used to make in an entire year,” says DePaula Gen­eral Sales Man­ager Paul Lynch.

Used vehi­cle sales are big busi­ness in today’s auto­mo­tive mar­ket. Drill down fur­ther to find out more about one deal­er­ship that put big num­bers in the sales column.

Mobile Technology Today  

The Back­ground:

The auto­mo­tive sec­tor, like the rest of the world, is rapidly embrac­ing the con­nected, on-the-move free­dom of mobil­ity. Many believe the world reached a mobil­ity inflec­tion point in late 2010 when the global ship­ment of smart­phones and tablets first exceeded the sales of desk­top and note­book per­sonal computers.

Where do you stand with your cus­tomers on mobile technology?

Your cus­tomers are increas­ingly more con­nected, and they expect a con­nected dri­ving expe­ri­ence that includes dealer sup­port ser­vices. Keep read­ing to find out how you can attract more cus­tomers by includ­ing dig­i­tal pro­mo­tions, after-sale sup­port, ser­vice, main­te­nance, and acces­sories sales.

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