October 23, 2013
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women_perspective22 How Women Shop for Cars: The Latest Research for Automotive Dealers

The lat­est research from Pew and Neil­son indi­cates impor­tant and use­ful infor­ma­tion for auto deal­ers in regard to mobile ser­vices for Amer­i­cans and how female car shop­pers shop.

Take a moment to dig deeper and arm your deal­er­ship with impor­tant facts. [More]

Auto Remarketing
asbury_automotive22 Asbury Automotive Reports 3rd Quarter Profit

Asbury Auto­mo­tive Group shows a third-quarter 2013 adjusted EPS increase and in total rev­enue, brought by increases in new and used vehi­cle sales, F & I and parts and ser­vice areas.

Get the details on Asbury Auto­mo­tive Group for July through Sep­tem­ber. [More]

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telematics_update222 Telematics Update: Toyota Adds New ADAS System

Toy­ota Motor Corp has unveiled a new advanced dri­ver assis­tance sys­tem (ADAS) dubbed “Auto­mated High­way Dri­ving Assist” to enhance vehi­cle safety.

Keep read­ing to find out more about the next-generation dri­ving sup­port sys­tem. [More]

Telematics Update
TODAY: Great Webinars on Millennials and Upselling; Battling Your Competition; More 
Video news that moves people and ideas
ODell_Shane_NextGear Capital

Harnessing Data Properly is Now Mission-Critical

Next Gear Capital’s Shane O’Dell says….

1. You’ve got to use the data cor­rectly – con­vert­ing cus­tomers to sales trans­ac­tions.
2. Ask your­self: Am I embrac­ing and usinng the tech­nol­ogy?
3. You can fig­ure out what cus­tomers need and what you’ve got in inventory.

But you can only do those things if you fol­low a few key guidelines…..

ODell_Shane_NextGear Capital Harnessing Data Properly is Now Mission-Critical
SHANE O’DELL Chief Operating Officer, NextGear Capital
Spinella_Art_site visit Wish Lists: Tapping Into What Car Shoppers Want
ART SPINELLA President, CNW Research
misty-cole-onecommand Holiday Greeting Cards Drive Winter Traffic
MISTY COLE Client Services Manager, OneCommand
VIDEO: The Power of Chat
  One Place for Chat from Anywhere

The World Wide Chat Net­work — do you really under­stand what it is?

Or how it allows users to find things like vehi­cle inven­tory from any place, at any time.

Click here to watch video
BLOG: Automotive Digestibles
  How You & Leasing Can Ensure Your Dealership’s Future–By Not Being a Dealership

The Appar­ent Sit­u­a­tion: Leas­ing is back in the dealer show­room – With sup­pos­edly less risk based on the “right” resid­u­als to keep the trek toward 16M new vehi­cle sales going, all while being a cat­a­lyst to trans­form what “deal­ers” think they must do.

The smartest option for deal­ers may well be not to act like a deal­er­ship at all. For exam­ple, by  becom­ing a com­plete  “Per­sonal  Vehi­cle Trans­porta­tion Cen­ter” and using the leas­ing con­cept to help trans­form the way you sell cars.

Click here to read more

Dealer Pain Points

Dollars and cents of nuts and bolts The Dollars and Cents of Nuts and Bolts

A highly prof­itable ser­vice depart­ment saved more than a few deal­ers dur­ing the eco­nomic down­turn. Once con­sid­ered the back end of the business,it’s now the back­bone of a deal­er­ship. But just as impor­tant as increas­ing ser­vice rev­enue, is keep­ing a lid on expenses.

Click here to learn more.

Service center Why You Should Close Your Back Parts Counter

Shut­ting down your back parts counter may sound dras­tic but some deal­ers have done it with good results. They include more effi­cient — and prof­itable — parts and ser­vice departments.

Click here to watch the video and learn more.

Reputation online Is Your Reputation Getting Hammered Online?

Rep­u­ta­tion. It takes years and untold amounts of money to build a solid rep­u­ta­tion. But only sec­onds to lose it on the Internet.Brand dam­age usu­ally refers to a prod­uct in cri­sis. But in the case of deal­er­ships, the brand is the dealer’s name.

Click to see a video that describes some of the chal­lenges and solutions.

Doing It Right  

Mil­len­ni­als: Dri­ving the Next Car Evo­lu­tion, spon­sored by AutoTrader.com 

Still mys­ti­fied by mil­len­ni­als? Glenn Pereira, Man­ager of Indus­try Edu­ca­tion at AutoTrader.com will present  the company’s two-year study of this generation’s atti­tudes towards car shop­ping, and what strate­gies your busi­ness should use to deliver what they expect from their car-shopping experience.

♦When? Wednes­day, Octo­ber 23 at 1:00 (EDT)

Reg­is­ter now!


The Four Ser­vice Sheets, spon­sored by The NADA-ATD Academy

The time you spend with a cus­tomer allows you to iden­tify upsell oppor­tu­ni­ties, add hours per repair order, and increase your part sales.

Hear from NADA indus­try experts, Robert Atwood and Chris Bavis, on how four ser­vice sheets and a stan­dard pro­ce­dure for greet­ing your ser­vice cus­tomers can put struc­ture into the chaos that typ­i­fies the morn­ing write-up.

♦When? Wednes­day, Octo­ber 30 at 1:00 (EDT)

Reg­is­ter now!

Can’t Attend the Live Webi­nars?
Watch it ON-DEMAND at NADAuniversity.com! Webi­nars are avail­able on-demand within 4–6 busi­ness days of the live presentation.

Behind the Numbers  

As deal­ers will tell you, it’s nearly aston­ish­ing to find out about all of the elec­tron­ics sys­tems built into the dash­board and under the hood of new vehi­cles sold these days – and it’s get­ting more com­plex with each new model year.

CTDI, based in West Chester, Penn., is focused on vehi­cle elec­tron­ics reman­u­fac­tur­ing and logis­tics, and recently launched Reman 8.0, a one-stop solu­tion. CTDI works with automak­ers, deal­ers, Tier One sup­pli­ers, and retail ser­vice chains to reduce costs, reuse parts and com­po­nents, and in meet­ing their green, sus­tain­abil­ity targets.

When work­ing with its clients, CTDI is able to sal­vage and reman­u­fac­ture more than 90% of the vehicle’s elec­tron­ics parts and com­po­nents. As cars get older on US roads, this is becom­ing a tougher chal­lenge. Check out what CTDI and other reman­u­fac­tur­ing com­pa­nies are bring­ing to the auto industry’s goals for cost effi­ciency and green sustainability.

Build a Better Dealership

Used car sales profitsHow Do I Get More For My Used Cars?

There are lots of online sources with tips on how to “present” your car in the best light or “find­ing the right venue” to sell the vehicle. 

Tak­ing the right pic­tures (right angle/light), list­ing the vehi­cle with all the fea­tures and dis­clos­ing all the dam­age and mechan­i­cal issues DOES NOT get you more for your car.

It sim­ply increases the chances of find­ing a buyer that wants the type of vehi­cle that you have in the con­di­tion that your vehi­cle is in currently. 

These are SELLING TIPS, they should also include that you should NEVER EVER try to hide any­thing when sell­ing a vehi­cle to any party.

This makes for an espe­cially bad expe­ri­ence when you sell a vehi­cle to the pub­lic.  These buy­ers come to your place of busi­ness – they know where you live!

Keep read­ing!

passtime_download22Are Cellular Network Changes Affecting Your Dealership?

At issue:

If you are using a GPS device to track assets for repos­ses­sion and recov­ery, your device likely uses cel­lu­lar tech­nol­ogy. In the United States, there are two pri­mary tech­nol­ogy stan­dards for cel­lu­lar networks:

  1. GSM with its 2G, 3G and 4G wire­less solu­tions, and
  2. CDMA, a dif­fer­ent mobile com­mu­ni­ca­tion net­work esti­mated to out­last GSM at its cur­rent level.

The 2G Net­work is reach­ing the end of the line, and deal­er­ships who use GPS track­ing sys­tems must be aware of the changes com­ing down the road. PassTimeUSA takes a closer look at the future of cel­lu­lar net­works and how those changes impinge on the Sub­prime Auto­mo­tive Market.

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

The Sit­u­a­tion:

The name of the online mar­ket­ing game is to make your list­ings stand out from the com­pe­ti­tion. So the ques­tion is: How can you give your­self a huge advantage?

Move Your Deal­er­ship from Com­pet­i­tive to Leader of the Pack!

The Fun­da­men­tals:

Your suc­cess in adver­tis­ing your vehi­cles online isn’t based on the size of your oper­a­tion. Site sta­tis­tics on AutoTrader.com show that deal­ers with small amounts of inven­tory see the same shop­per activ­ity on their list­ings as large deal­ers. So if you want to com­pete with big deal­ers, know that you don’t need a big bud­get. You just need to act like them.

Let AutoTrader.com help your deal­er­ship level the play­ing field between you and com­pe­ti­tion. Drill down fur­ther to uncover online mar­ket­ing and adver­tis­ing strat­egy.

Stopping Auto Theft  

The Sit­u­a­tion:

Accord­ing to the FBI Uni­form Crime Report – 2012 – auto theft con­tin­ues to rise – notably in states such as Cal­i­for­nia, where some areas have seen an increase in motor theft up to 60%. The increase is being felt at auto deal­er­ships across the coun­try who are begin­ning to real­ize they need help in pro­tect­ing their inventory.

Motor vehi­cle theft is top­ping the charts as the #1 prop­erty crime in the U.S.

Now is the time to start think­ing about ways to pro­tect your deal­er­ship inven­tory from a vari­ety of ways in which thieves tar­get your deal­er­ship. Drill down fur­ther to learn more about what deal­er­ship auto theft looks like and how is can be prevented.

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