November 5, 2013
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pickups_suvs22 Americans are Buying Large Vehicles at Record Pace

Gas prices are down and pickup sales are up, and Amer­i­can automak­ers are mak­ing big­ger profit mar­gins on pick­ups and large SUVs not seen in awhile.

Find out more about the buy­ing frenzy going on at deal­er­ships today! [More]

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mercedes_happy_customers22 Happy-Customer Bounty Aimed at Improving Sales

Mer­cedes intro­duces incen­tives to help its U.S. deal­ers earn bonuses for higher customer-service rat­ings as it intro­duces a wave of ini­tia­tives to improve the shop­ping and ser­vice experience.

Find out what the “happy-customer bounty” means for deal­ers. [More]

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walker_arianna22 J.D. Power’s Walker Addresses ‘Customer Connect’

Under­stand­ing how con­sumers in the mar­ket for a vehi­cle are “using dig­i­tal infor­ma­tion and how they con­nect” was a key focus at the recent J.D. Power Mar­ket­ing Round­table in Las Vegas.

Find out what Ari­anne Walker, senior direc­tor of media and mar­ket­ing solu­tions, had to say. [More]

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VIDEO: Pickup Truck Demand Way Up

Good news: as the hous­ing & real estate mar­ket comes roar­ing back that the con­struc­tion indus­try is buy­ing more new and used pickup. The demand for and the price of used large and medium sized pick­ups are ris­ing and bring­ing deal­ers more sales and prof­its in the fall of 2013.

VIDEO: Making the Sale
  Joe Verde: “Closing The Sale & Overcoming Objections”

Ready to make more money? You will when you close more sales and over­come objec­tions the Joe Verde way. “Clos­ing The Sale & Over­com­ing Objec­tions” is a vir­tual sales train­ing course on JVTN.

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VIDEO: Holidays, Goodwill, and Sales
  Creating Goodwill Through Community Outreach

The hol­i­day sea­son is upon us, and it’s time for deal­ers to plan their end-of-year strate­gies. Com­mu­nity out­reach pro­grams are often a good place to start.

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Dealer Pain Points

Crook Insider Crime: How to Handcuff a Crook

A “trust but ver­ify” pol­icy with employ­ees at your deal­er­ship may save you a lot of money and headaches when it comes to a uniquely Amer­i­can phrase: The Five Fin­ger Dis­count. Act now before the police string up the yel­low crime scene tape at your store.

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mechanic Boosting Service Profitability

You ser­vice the vehi­cles you sell. Every­body gets that. But you have the best trained ser­vice tech­ni­cians in town. They can fix any­thing. Why not let them?

Click here to see a video that show­cases a deal­er­ship that uti­lizes its ser­vice techs tal­ent to the max.

pp35_babies Family Leave is for More Than Childbirth

If you thought the Fam­ily Med­ical Leave Act is just for employ­ees who are going to have a baby, think again.

NADA Uni­ver­sity has a course on the sub­ject, and you can click for a video that briefly cov­ers your responsibilities.

Doing It Right  

Recent stud­ies show that online searches for auto repair and main­te­nance have grown 66 per­cent in the past three years, and have even sur­passed growth in car and truck searches by eight per­cent in the past year alone.

“With the jump in online searches for auto main­te­nance and repairs, deal­ers need to dif­fer­en­ti­ate their ser­vice busi­ness from inde­pen­dent ser­vice cen­ters as well as local deal­er­ship com­peti­tors,” said Chip Grueter, pres­i­dent at Deal­er­Rater.

“We’ve care­fully designed our new Cer­ti­fied Ser­vice Cen­ter pages to pro­vide deal­er­ships with crit­i­cal cus­tomer con­nec­tion points – like ser­vice sched­ul­ing and spe­cial offers – while also ben­e­fit­ing from pri­or­ity place­ment in ser­vice cen­ter searches on our site and improved SEO for key auto repair search terms.”

DealerRater’s Cer­ti­fied Ser­vice Cen­ter Pro­gram enables auto deal­ers to boost the vis­i­bil­ity of their ser­vice cen­ter and grow their ser­vice busi­ness with a suite of tools fea­tur­ing a unique Ser­vice Cen­ter Review Page packed with service-specific infor­ma­tion, such as ameni­ties, hours, pho­tos, top-reviewed ser­vice employ­ees, as well as spe­cial offers and coupons.

Keep read­ing to learn more about the newly launched Cer­ti­fied Ser­vice Center!

Behind the Numbers  

Gen­eral Motors Corp. has stayed away from upping incen­tives on its redesigned 2014 Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado and GMC Sierra pickups.

Gen­eral Motors is not going to enter the dis­count­ing dog­fight, said Chevro­let global brand chief Alan Batey. “Whether we lose a cou­ple of points of mar­ket share in a given month because some­one is liq­ui­dat­ing isn’t our con­cern,” he said.

But how long will that last?

Many Chevro­let and GMC deal­ers think that sales of the pick­ups have been dis­ap­point­ing since the June launch. They’re happy about the crit­i­cal acclaim the refreshed pick­ups have been receiv­ing, but not with sales num­bers. Com­pe­ti­tion has been tough from heav­ily dis­counted Ford F-Series and Dodge Ram pickups.

Learn more about where pick­ups incen­tives have been lately and what GM is hop­ing stay­ing out of price war will do for resale value……

Build a Better Dealership

Used car sales profitsWhere Are Used Car Prices Headed and What Does that Mean for Dealer Profits?

Used car prices have been fluc­tu­at­ing this year in whole­sale and retail trans­ac­tions. Sky­rock­et­ing prices that occurred in the first half of 2011 have been bob­bing up and down since that time.

What are the fore­casts for the rest of this year, along with other met­rics that shape remar­ket­ing profits?

Sup­ply is increas­ing, and there’s debate over whether that means prices will be strength­ened or weak­ened. Sup­ply growth is com­ing from off-lease vehi­cles, rental return, com­mer­cial fleet lease, and more aggres­sive lending.

There’s dif­fer­ing fore­casts com­ing from remar­ket­ing experts.

Here’s what expert are say­ing, along with a few trends to track as the year progresses…..

dos and dontsCombating the Top Mistakes of Automotive Marketing


Con­sumer behav­ior and the pur­chase process have intro­duced changes to auto­mo­tive mar­ket­ing and media attri­bu­tion, but deal­er­ships are look­ing at old met­rics in old ways, accord­ing to

Fol­low­ing these 7 “dig­i­tal sins” could mean a dealer is wast­ing media dol­lars and elim­i­nat­ing adver­tis­ing options that could help influ­ence shoppers.

Solu­tion: aims to posi­tion deal­ers to reach the right audi­ence, build aware­ness, drive con­sid­er­a­tion and ulti­mately improve con­ver­sion rates. Train­ers, Ed Woelfle and Jack Sim­mons, work together to high­light seven com­mon mea­sure­ment chal­lenges, and pro­vide tips to align processes and media buy­ing deci­sions with the behav­iors of today’s car shop­per in a webi­nar titled “The Seven Dig­i­tal Sins of Attri­bu­tion”.

Webi­nar reg­is­tra­tion is free. Read on!

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

At Issue:

For auto­mo­tive deal­ers who want to suc­ceed in today’s com­pet­i­tive mar­ket­place, an online rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment strat­egy is a necessity.

The Solu­tion:

Deal­er­Rater, the lead­ing car dealer review web­site and auto­mo­tive rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment pio­neer, has helped thou­sands of deal­ers mon­i­tor, man­age and improve their online rep­u­ta­tion. A joint case study done with Polk pro­vides proof that con­sumer reviews drive auto dealer busi­ness. The case study can be viewed in full at

Key high­lights of the case study reveal how impor­tant an excel­lent online rep­u­ta­tion man­age­ment strat­egy can be. Drill down fur­ther to find out how par­tic­i­pa­tion in DealerRater’s Cer­ti­fied Dealer Pro­gram can man­age and improve your dealership’s online rep­u­ta­tion for max­i­mum dealer profits.

Customer Communications Today  

At Issue:

Today’s con­sumers shop from a vari­ety of devices. Cur­rently, over 200 mil­lion con­sumers access media on mul­ti­ple screens monthly. Yet auto deal­ers and man­u­fac­tur­ers have very lit­tle con­trol over how, when or where cus­tomers access their inven­tory and brands.

Where do deal­ers turn for help in keep­ing up with Cus­tomer Trends?

The mobile land­scape is vast and hyper-competitive. Indeed, there’s a cor­re­la­tion between every­day device usage and shop­ping behav­ior, and it’s a trend that will become a way of life with the ever-increasing capa­bil­i­ties of smart­phones and tablets. Drill down fur­ther to find out how can help your deal­er­ship com­pete in the chang­ing marketplace.

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