December 3, 2013
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marchionne3_speaks2a Chrysler Seems Hesitant about IPO — UAW, Board & Banks Mull Price

Chrysler’s board keeps mov­ing the IPO date up; now it is some­time in 2014. Some­how, Chrysler man­age­ment seems to be wait­ing for an ideal time to offer more stock to  investors and to accom­plish the com­plete con­trol and man­age­ment by Fiat and the illus­tri­ous Mr. Marchionne.

As the Board, the IRS, and the Chrysler banks keep mulling and valu­ing the IPO price and plan, deal­ers — par­tic­u­larly Chrysler-Fiat deal­ers — can gather more insight and detail right here.

The Wall Street Journal
xmas_gifts_auto_parts22 Dealers: Auto Parts Make Great Christmas Gifts

Deal­ers: Afford­able auto parts for those who love to travel U.S. roads is a great gift idea for your cus­tomers look­ing to fill up their hol­i­day gift lists.

Get a few great ideas from a com­pany that mar­kets unique auto parts! [More]

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VIDEO: Auto Market Doing Well Amidst Uncertainties

In the fall of 2013, deal­ers are doing well and are expe­ri­enc­ing healthy growth and prof­itabil­ity. Access to financ­ing in both the prime and sec­ondary mar­kets have enabled deal­ers to sell more vehi­cles. There seems to be need for more infor­ma­tion by both con­sumers and dealer man­age­ment seek­ing to deal with eco­nomic uncertainties.

VIDEO: It's Holiday Strategy Time!
  Creating Goodwill Through Community Outreach

The hol­i­day sea­son is upon us, and it’s time for deal­ers to plan their end-of-year strate­gies. Com­mu­nity out­reach pro­grams are often a good place to start.

What People Watch on Mobile
  65% Prefer Watching Full-Length Movies on Mobile vs. Shorter Content

When it comes to watch­ing mobile video, 65 per­cent of con­sumers pre­fer to watch full-length movies or tele­vi­sion shows over shorter con­tent, accord­ing to a new report from Vuclip. Read the arti­cle, and watch the video.

Dealer Pain Points

Do your allstars earn allstar pay Do Your All-Stars Earn All-Star Pay?

Every depart­ment has its chal­lenges. In ser­vice, maybe the mar­ket­ing isn’t work­ing. Maybe there are delays at the parts counter. Or maybe the techs aren’t motivated.

Pay­ing for per­for­mance can incen­tivize the ser­vice department.

Are you meet­ing or beat­ing NADA finan­cial per­for­mance guide­lines? Click here to learn more.

49-Tech-working-on-engine-1024x576 Poor Parts Profits? Here’s the Fix.

You can’t rack up prof­its in ser­vice with­out parts. But too many deal­er­ships have too many parts that are obso­lete and quickly declin­ing in value, if not almost worth­less. So the prof­its you pocket in ser­vice are lost to the hole in your pocket in parts.

What to do?

Watch this video to find out how to sew up that hole to ensure that your pocket for parts is profitable.

50-Person-with-Hamburger Time Wasters That Kill Service Profits

Do you put the ketchup on a burger before you cook it? Of course not. There’s a sequence to prepar­ing the burger and adding the fixings.

Ser­vice and parts depart­ments have their own sequence but some are out of whack. And when that hap­pens it eats into the store’s profitability.

Watch this video and we’ll show you how improve pro­duc­tiv­ity and prof­its with advice on how to ensure you’re struc­tured for success.

Doing It Right  

The belief that adver­tis­ing com­pet­i­tive prices for new vehi­cles online is fuel­ing a race to the bot­tom sim­ply isn’t hold­ing up under ana­lytic scrutiny.

An dig­i­tal audi­ence analy­sis of over 6,605 new vehi­cle sales across 1,000 deal­er­ships showed:

New cars priced below MSRP get 34 per­cent more page views than new cars priced at MSRP
Deal­ers who priced their new vehi­cles below MSRP sold 20 per­cent more new cars than their coun­ter­parts who used MSRP instead
 Buy­ers trav­eled an aver­age of 10 more miles to deal­ers who listed their news cars below, rather than at, MSRP

“Hav­ing an effec­tive pric­ing strat­egy online doesn’t equate to a race to the bottom—it results in win­ning the race to the con­sumer,” said Scott Her­nal­steen, senior direc­tor of enter­prise ana­lyt­ics at

Read on …

Behind the Numbers  

Dri­vers expect the very best thing on their mobile device – dri­ving direc­tions with the best real-time traf­fic data they can find.

There’s another annoy­ing, trou­ble­some dri­ving expe­ri­ence that is find­ing help from mobile apps – find­ing a park­ing spot.

Startup com­pa­nies are offer­ing the lat­est apps to find open park­ing spots and reserve them.

Automak­ers like Audi, BMW, Daim­ler, and Renault-Nissan are get­ting into the game.

BMW has put a lot into park­ing apps – and it will tie into launch­ing its i3 elec­tric car into the US next year for dri­vers who want to park and charge their car.

Read all about the cool offer­ings from automak­ers and mobile star­tups that can reduce motorists’ frus­tra­tions as they look for park­ing spaces……..

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TextingWhat Your Dealership Salespeople Need to Know About New Texting Regulations

With the lat­est Tele­phone Con­sumer Pro­tec­tion Act (TCPA) rules set­tling into place, we’ve got to remem­ber that not all texts are cre­ated equal. Is your dealership’s tex­ting up to snuff? Do what it takes to get there…because 97% of texts are opened and read within 3 min­utes vs. 22% of emails!

First Things First: What Are the New Rules? 

The TCPA is often updated to reflect changes in tech­nol­ogy and use, and the 2013 updates say…

• Mes­sages (phone calls and texts) must include the abil­ity to imme­di­ately opt out – effec­tive Jan. 14, 2013
• You must get unam­bigu­ous writ­ten con­sent before send­ing tele­mar­ket­ing calls or text mes­sages via auto­matic tele­phone dial­ing sys­tems (ATDS) – effec­tive Oct. 16, 2013
• Estab­lished busi­ness rela­tion­ships with con­sumers no longer relieve you of that writ­ten con­sent require­ment – effec­tive Oct. 16, 2013

What can you do to stay com­pli­ant? Check out these seven point­ers, then make sure you do your research and talk with an attor­ney for spe­cific legal advice.

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

At Issue:

Female car shop­pers are as impor­tant to your suc­cess as the male demo­graphic. They’re impor­tant indi­vid­u­ally as car buy­ers, and they are pro­foundly impor­tant in influ­enc­ing their partner’s choice of car. Accord­ing to Forbes, women influ­ence 85% of car-buying deci­sions and, in 2012, they pur­chased nearly 40% of both used and new cars.

The key to appeal­ing to today’s female car shop­per is to under­stand that she doesn’t need a dif­fer­ent sales process. Instead, she needs more infor­ma­tion ‒ it’s sim­ply how she operates.

Glenn Pereira, man­ager of indus­try edu­ca­tion at, shares insights on the pref­er­ences of female car shop­pers with deal­ers. Drill down fur­ther to get great mar­ket­ing tips on the female psyche.

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