January 14, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

autobytel_advisor22 1. Autobytel Buys AutoUSA to Expand & Consolidate Dealer Network

  • Auto­by­tel bought pre­mier web-based auto leads ser­vice provider com­peti­tor AutoUSA
  • Expands reach & influ­ence by increas­ing new & UC dealer network
  • Dealer net­work now 5,200 includ­ing Auto­Na­tion; Boosts OEM business


newF-150 2. Radically Reworked F-150 Reflects New Ford Confidence

  • Ford is focused on growth, opti­mism — with bold prod­uct launches
  • Reworked the best­selling pickup in U.S. in last 30 years
  • Flag­ship pickup rework is one in a series of bold prod­uct launches


Financial Times
chrysler-200 3. Chrysler Hitting the Reset Button with New 200 Model

  • Revamped sedan seeks to com­pete with Camry & Accord
  • New 200 model to replace out­dated & out­matched version
  • Chrysler con­sid­er­ing relaunch of entire brand to ele­vate their game


Los Angeles Times

VIDEO: Portals Pairing Up Buyers and Sellers

Turn time, sup­ply and demand of vehi­cles, and his­tor­i­cal data from floor plan­ning  pro­vides bet­ter return on inventory.

VIDEO: Selling to Millennials
  Millennial Buying Habits are Shaped by Today’s Events

Deal­ers need to under­stand mil­len­ni­als, and to reach them where they are. Smart use of social media is a good place to start.

What People Watch on Mobile
  65% Prefer Watching Full-Length Movies on Mobile vs. Shorter Content

When it comes to watch­ing mobile video, 65 per­cent of con­sumers pre­fer to watch full-length movies or tele­vi­sion shows over shorter con­tent, accord­ing to a new report from Vuclip. Read the arti­cle, and watch the video.

More Six in 60

hyundai_logo22 4. Hyundai Luring Customers Back with On-Board Computers

  • Hyundai deal­ers seek to bring more new car cus­tom in ser­vice dept
  • Blue link telem­at­ics sys­tems has worked for first & sec­ond service
  • Early ser­vice appoint­ments key steps in gen­er­at­ing repeat appointments


man-in-car-lot 5. Risky Car Loan Securities Volume Hit Debt Capital Markets

  • Sales of high-risk pools of secu­ri­ties are accelerating
  • Investors are grab­bing the high-yielding bonds like before finan­cial crisis
  • Sub­prime car loans are on the rise, which bodes well for dealers


battelle 6. Programmatic Ad Tech to Save the Banners & Go Beyond Search

  • The lowly ban­ner ad may be hero in today’s post-search dig­i­tal world
  • Data dri­ven adver­tis­ing soon to be repur­posed in every segment
  • Pro­gram­matic ad tech makes the data­base of inten­tions real time


Doing It Right  

What this retail process ser­vice seeks to do:

An exclu­sive, strate­gic inte­gra­tion agree­ment between Cen­POS, Inc. and ADP Drive Dealer Man­age­ment Sys­tem will pro­vide dealer clients with a secure, end-to-end pay­ments solu­tion called ADP ePay­ments.  This inte­gra­tion will report­edly rev­o­lu­tion­ize how deal­ers engage their cus­tomers, while also dras­ti­cally reduc­ing back office expenses.

Who is deliv­er­ing this solution?

ADP Dealer Ser­vices, Inc., a divi­sion of ADP and a lead­ing global tech­nol­ogy solu­tions provider ded­i­cated to help­ing deal­er­ships drive mea­sur­able results across every area of their oper­a­tion, announced that “Cen­POS will pro­vide ADP deal­ers with a multi-channel pay­ment solu­tion that can help accel­er­ate pay­ment processes, increase cus­tomer enable­ment and reduce over­all costs.”

What Justin Sprague, Vice Pres­i­dent of Prod­uct Mar­ket­ing at ADP Dealer Ser­vices had to say about this end to end pay­ment inte­gra­tion for dealers:

With an enhanced, cloud-based, intel­li­gent pay­ment solu­tion, cus­tomers will be able to make pay­ments any way, any­time, anywhere.”


Build a Better Dealership

greenOEMS Find that Green Sells Cars to Millennials

There is an assump­tion that Mil­len­ni­als don’t like cars because sales among the demo­graphic are down – a valid enough conclusion.

Yet, a recent study by AutoTrader.com found that of the Mil­len­ni­als sur­veyed, only 6% cited lack of inter­est in dri­ving as a rea­son for not pur­chas­ing a car.

Not only that, but many dis­played dis­cernible opin­ions about what brands they like and don’t like, with Honda and Chevy get­ting big thumbs up.

The dif­fer­ence between Mil­len­ni­als and pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions is that while Boomers and X-ers sim­ply accepted the para­me­ters of the “Amer­i­can Dream” – hav­ing a fam­ily, buy­ing a house in the sub­urbs, and dri­ving a car to work every day – Mil­len­ni­als are more likely to make their pur­chas­ing deci­sions based on what suits their cur­rent lifestyle.

Read more …

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

What does run­ning a restau­rant have to do with run­ning a dealership?

Here’s some advice from Wolf­gang Puck him­self — specif­i­cally, Three Actions that have con­tributed to the suc­cess of the Puck Restaurants:

  1. Talk to Your Cus­tomers – When cus­tomers come to your deal­er­ship, they are com­ing to your “house.” They ulti­mately are going to pay you for a car or ser­vice so reach out for them, and talk and listen.
  2. Stick to What You Know Best — In a deal­er­ship oper­a­tion, your team has to do it all — but  your cus­tomers will tell you if your team does sales or ser­vice or cus­tomer rela­tions well. Mar­ket and sup­port this “specialty.”
  3. Hire Young Peo­ple: Get new ideas and pay atten­tion to what the young peo­ple in your deal­er­ship are telling you. They will tell you what is hap­pen­ing and what you should be doing to gain new cus­tomers – and how to take care of your exist­ing ones.


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