January 15, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

honda-fit 1. Honda Sees Fit as Redesigned to Match the Subcompact Competition

  • Redesigned Fit Hatch­back seeks to sell as much as pop­u­lar rivals
  • Fit has been pop­u­lar, with sales of 52,000 — but com­pe­ti­tion has out­sold it
  • No longer “owns” the sub­com­pact vehi­cle mar­ket because of price


Los Angeles Times
toyota-rebranding 2. Toyota Seek to Shift Perceptions with Cars That Spark Emotion

  • Toy­ota rebrand­ing from sedate to designs that appeal to new buyers
  • FT Con­cept cars is real effort to shift per­cep­tion of Toy­ota vehicles
  • Com­pe­ti­tion is inten­si­fy­ing to reach new con­sumer preferences


Financial Times
tesla 3. Oregon Tracking Resident Cars to Collect a Mileage Tax

  • Your car will soon tell tax­ing states & agen­cies its odome­ter readings
  • A mileage tax is com­ing to the states, start­ing with Oregon
  • Telem­at­ics and info­tain­ment sys­tems in place to gain mileage from cars


The American Conservative

VIDEO: Creating a Winning Strategy Around Equity

Red Bumper’s Bruce Thomp­son explains how you can Take Advan­tage of OEM incen­tives to remove neg­a­tive equity that cus­tomers have in their exist­ing vehi­cles: Get cus­tomers into new vehi­cles, reduce their pay­ments, and make them hap­pier. Mean­while — you get to retail a new vehicle.

BLOG: New Year, New Lexicon
  New Words for 2014

BITCOIN – New form of elec­tronic encrypted currency.

ITAP – “I took a picture.”

LEAN IN – Process for suc­cess­ful women in the work place.

SELFIE – Self por­trait or photo, prob­a­bly snapped on a mobile phone.


VIDEO: Must-See Workshop at NADA
  Online Reviews Drive Sales and Service

Heather MacK­in­non, Vice Pres­i­dent of National Accounts at Deal­er­Rater invites you to attend her joint pre­sen­ta­tion with Jeff King, GM at Bozard Ford Lin­coln at NADA 2014. MacK­in­non and King will present a NADA work­shop enti­tled, “Online Reviews Drive Sales and Service.”

More Six in 60

bmw-toyota-technology 4. BMW and Toyota to Make Hybrid Sports Car Blending Technology & Manufacturing

  • BMW-Toyota alliance deep­ens, with joint devel­op­ment of hybrid sport car
  • Shar­ing huge devel­op­ment costs tech­nol­ogy, & man­u­fac­tur­ing prowess
  • New car will blend Toy­ota tech­nol­ogy with BMW Man­u­fac­tur­ing & engineering


4G-lte 5. Faster Data Connection to Make Car Apps Work Smoothly

  • Avail­abil­ity of 4G LTE data con­nec­tion shak­ing up auto info­tain­ment industry
  • OEMs are work­ing to make their info­tain­ment sys­tems com­pat­i­ble with 4G LTE
  • Pric­ing is a prob­lem: how do you charge con­sumers for new services?


jeep 6. Jeep to Sell 1 Million Vehicles Annually by 2015 to Start a Revolution

  • Mar­chionne Team mak­ing major deci­sions to impact the Jeep Brand
  • Plans for next gen­er­a­tion Jeep Wran­glers seem to be major focus
  • Jeep Com­pass and Patriot to be replaced by a global vehi­cle by 2015


Doing It Right  

No More Man­u­ally Man­ag­ing Your New & Used Car Inven­tory: I’m proud to write that new car inven­tory man­age­ment tools and ana­lyt­ics will be arriv­ing and intro­duced at this year’s NADA Con­ven­tion in New Orleans. There is sim­ply no rea­son for this vital com­po­nent of a dealer’s oper­a­tions to be ignored for inno­va­tion for this long. We’ve had used car inven­tory man­age­ment sys­tems in our indus­try since 2001.  A dozen years have passed and still deal­ers are forced to man­u­ally man­age new car inven­tory operations.

What is needed to bring an inno­v­a­tive new car inven­tory man­age­ment into your deal­er­ship? We need tools that help iden­tify which vehi­cle pack­ages and col­ors per­form the best. We need stock­ing tools to man­age order­ing and allo­ca­tions; and we need tools that pro­vide lever­age in push­ing back and nego­ti­at­ing with the OEMs.  We need to under­stand days sup­ply in our mar­kets and how our com­peti­tors are pric­ing their new inventory.

Now time for New Car Inven­tory Man­age­ment: Used car oper­a­tions have been totally trans­formed since 2001.  Now is the time for inno­va­tion in the new car space.  The mar­ket is for the tak­ing for the com­pany that is the first to mar­ket with a com­pre­hen­sive tool.

READ MORE to find out how your deal­er­ship can gain a fan­tas­tic new and used car inven­tory man­age­ment system.



Build a Better Dealership

Gary MayDealers Gain Digital Marketing & Sales Training Edge with IM@CS-Dealer Authority Combo

The Sit­u­a­tion for Deal­ers: Prin­ci­pals & Gen­eral Man­agers are real­iz­ing that it is now pos­si­ble to gen­er­ate increased results from their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing and sales train­ing. How­ever, the selec­tion of the “right” con­sul­tancy com­pany is what can make a big dif­fer­ence in results.

At the same time, fre­quently deal­ers have had to find another con­sul­tancy sup­port­ing com­pany in order to also bring per­son­al­ized search, social, and con­tent mar­ket­ing ser­vices to go with their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing efforts.

The Solu­tion Just Hap­pened: Gary May, founder and pres­i­dent of Inter­ac­tive Mar­ket­ing and Con­sult­ing Ser­vices (IM@CS) has joined forces with JD Rucker, founder of Dealer Author­ity and for­merly of KPA/TK Car­sites, to offer unpar­al­leled prod­ucts and ser­vices to auto­mo­bile deal­ers, man­u­fac­tur­ers and ser­vice providers.

“This is an amaz­ing first step in a long-term part­ner­ship between IM@CS and Dealer Author­ity,” Rucker said. “Gary and his team are true trend­set­ters in the indus­try and I believe that the com­bined strate­gies will make all IM@CS clients head and shoul­ders above their competitors.

How to find out why these two indus­try experts can make things happen:

Com­pa­nies inter­ested in gen­er­at­ing increased results from their dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing and sales train­ing in 2014 can reach IM@CS at (310) 377‑6481 or info@imacsweb.com to arrange for ini­tial con­sul­ta­tion meet­ings as well as dis­cuss ser­vices and costs. READ MORE

Behind the Numbers  

It’s get­ting trick­ier to pre­dict the price per bar­rel of oil and its direct cor­re­la­tion to gaso­line and diesel prices – much more so than in the 1970s when OPEC could instantly throw a wrench in the gears.

As for this year, three lead­ing energy agen­cies have reported that pro­duc­tion out­side of OPEC should be increas­ing this year – with much of that com­ing from US shale fields.

Black Book’s Ricky Beggs expects the pat­tern to be sim­i­lar to the past two years for gas prices and its effect on small cars, hybrids, and elec­tric vehicles.

New and used truck sales should con­tinue to be strong this year, but they are affected by fed­eral fuel econ­omy stan­dards. Automak­ers are rolling out more fuel effi­cient trucks such as the new Ford F150 with a lot more light­weight aluminum.

Find out more about what these trends could mean for new and used vehi­cle prices this year.

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