January 20, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

DetroitShow2014 1. OEMs Seek to Stand Out in Crowded 2014 U.S. Market

  • OEMs sought to dif­fer­en­ti­ate them­selves at Detroit Auto Show last week
  • Focused on show­ing off improve­ments in fuel efficiency
  • F-150 intro and all alu­minum body make it most sophis­ti­cated pickup


Financial Times
low-end-luxury 2. Luxury OEMs Use Down-Market Shift Pricing Strategy to Gain Growth

  • Con­sumers get­ting bar­gain pric­ing on low-end lux­ury cars
  • Lux­ury makes get­ting new buy­ers from mass mar­ket by pric­ing strategy
  • VW, Audi, and Mer­cedes are lead­ing this model pric­ing trend


Business Week
gas-prices 3. High Gas Prices Pushed Consumer Costs Up to 6-Month High

  • Over­all con­sumer prices were up by largest mar­gin in December
  • Higher gas prices blamed as big rea­son for Decem­ber increase
  • Rise was the largest since last June


Los Angeles Times

VIDEO: Lighting Up Your Dealership

The lights and light­ing in your deal­er­ship can make a big dif­fer­ence in how your deal­er­ship is per­ceived, what peo­ple think when dri­ving by, and ulti­mately how you present your vehi­cles, the deal­er­ship, and your loca­tion in general.

Start with a light­ing audit and learn about color ren­der­ing, light­ing opti­miza­tion, and blan­ket­ing can opti­mize vehi­cle selec­tion and profitability.

VIDEO: Very Good Content
  Delivering Meaningful Content

The rapidly grow­ing use of mobil­ity is caus­ing con­sumers to replace the tra­di­tional PC plat­form with their cell phone. The chal­lenge for the dealer then becomes how to deliver con­tent in mean­ing­ful way that will pro­duce a new car pur­chase experience.

BLOG: Automotive Digestibles
  New Words for 2014

BITCOIN – New form of elec­tronic encrypted currency.

ITAP – “I took a picture.”

LEAN IN – Process for suc­cess­ful women in the work place.

SELFIE – Self por­trait or photo, prob­a­bly snapped on a mobile phone.


More Six in 60

GM-on-stage 4. GM’s 2014 Profits to Pay for Restructuring & Fixing Europe for the Future

  • Pro­jected that nearly $8B GM Prof­its will be plowed back to pay for global plant changes
  • Tak­ing advan­tage of improved earn­ings to take aggres­sive steps to fix things
  • Expected to invest $1.1B on restruc­tur­ing assem­bly plants & pulling Chevy out of Europe


on-the-lot 5. Rising Incentives & Declining Transaction Prices Signal 2014 Sales Year Trend

  • Pric­ing dis­ci­pline from 2013 may be sac­ri­ficed to gain mar­ket share
  • To reach 16M pro­jected sales, price wars may be the trend in the future
  • Grow­ing pro­duc­tion capac­ity & aggres­sive credit avail­abil­ity are key factors


shopping-slowdown 6. Will Car Shoppers Skip Both the Mall & the Dealership & Just Go Online?

  • Long-term changes in shop­per habits shift­ing con­sumers away from malls
  • Ques­tion is, will this trend to online buy­ing move to car buy­ing at dealerships?
  • Traf­fic to phys­i­cal stores has decreased dra­mat­i­cally since Black Friday


Doing It Right  

Why attend this LED Light­ing Panel in New Orleans:

Energy-efficient LED light­ing from GE is help­ing auto deal­ers save money on their lots while beau­ti­fully show­cas­ing vehi­cles, adding a mea­sure of secu­rity and enhanc­ing the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. It would be very timely and pro­duc­tive if dealer prin­ci­pals and gen­eral man­agers made it a point to attend one of three panel pre­sen­ta­tions at NADA.

Ryan will also be speak­ing on an NADA Edu­ca­tional Panel on how to “Improve Cash Flow and Prof­its with Green Ini­tia­tives,” which focuses on sus­tain­able green ini­tia­tives, light­ing tech­nolo­gies and financ­ing options to help improve prof­its and reduce util­ity costs.

Here is the Panel Schedule:

1/24/2014      2:00pm -   3:15pm     Room 220 — 222
1/26/2014     10:30am — 11:45am     Room 228 — 230
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 211 — 213

Get to NADA Booth: To “see” and gain a live demo and to hear the com­pelling rea­sons why LED light­ing is trans­form­ing the show­rooms and front lots of deal­er­ships, GE Light­ing will be exhibit­ing at the upcom­ing NADA Show (Booth #4601)

Deal­er­ships are begin­ning to see the “lights”(LED)

To see one such exam­ple is the world’s first all-LED Mercedes-Benz deal­er­ship in Fort Mitchell, Ken­tucky. The deal­er­ship will use about 40% less light­ing energy with LED than con­ven­tional tech­nolo­gies, sav­ing $46,000 a year.

DO SOME ADVANCE RESEARCH on light­ing prior to NADA or your next meet­ing with the GM or Controller.


Build a Better Dealership

greenOEMS Find that Green Sells Cars to Millennials

There is an assump­tion that Mil­len­ni­als don’t like cars because sales among the demo­graphic are down – a valid enough conclusion.

Yet, a recent study by AutoTrader.com found that of the Mil­len­ni­als sur­veyed, only 6% cited lack of inter­est in dri­ving as a rea­son for not pur­chas­ing a car.

Not only that, but many dis­played dis­cernible opin­ions about what brands they like and don’t like, with Honda and Chevy get­ting big thumbs up.

The dif­fer­ence between Mil­len­ni­als and pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions is that while Boomers and X-ers sim­ply accepted the para­me­ters of the “Amer­i­can Dream” – hav­ing a fam­ily, buy­ing a house in the sub­urbs, and dri­ving a car to work every day – Mil­len­ni­als are more likely to make their pur­chas­ing deci­sions based on what suits their cur­rent lifestyle.

Read more …

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  
Case Study

GE Light­ing helped high­light the 350 vehi­cle inven­tory at a dealer’s new location.

Suc­cess Story:  Kia AutoSports of Colum­bus, GA

The Deal­er­ship:
When Mon­roe Lee, owner of KIA AutoSport, began design on a new KIA deal­er­ship in Colum­bus, Ga., he inves­ti­gated light­ing solu­tions that deliv­ered bright, high-quality light while help­ing to reduce energy con­sump­tion in one of the facility’s key areas: dealer lots.

The Sit­u­a­tion:
Out­door light­ing in lots is one of the most impor­tant areas to con­sider when upgrad­ing auto dealer light­ing, as it is often the first impres­sion cus­tomers see when enter­ing the facil­ity, as well as one of the largest users of elec­tric­ity at a dealership.

The Solu­tion:
After review­ing light­ing options, Lee chose GE’s Evolve™ LED Area Lights rec­om­mended by Geor­gia Power for their reduced energy con­sump­tion, long rated life and sleek design.

• Sixty-nine 202-watt Evolve LED Area Lights were mounted on 30 25-foot poles, with a com­bi­na­tion of one, two and four fix­ture mount­ings per pole.

• GE’s out­door LED light­ing fix­tures at KIA AutoSport have a cor­re­lated color tem­per­a­ture (CCT) of 4000K and a color-rendering index (CRI) of 70.

“The new LED light­ing show­cases the cars indi­vid­u­ally, and really high­lights the color of the vehi­cles on the lot,” con­tin­ued Lee. “Plus, GE’s thin Evolve light­ing fix­tures have a more ele­gant look com­pared to bulky metal halide fixtures.”

The Results:
“When com­pared to a sim­i­larly sized deal­er­ship that I built five years ago using metal halide fix­tures, it appears I’m sav­ing between 20–33 per­cent on energy costs as a result of the LED light­ing,” Lee explained. “I have had no main­te­nance with the light fix­tures since instal­la­tion a year ago. That was one of the main sell­ing fea­tures that put me over the edge.”

READ the entire suc­cess story!

ge kia

For more infor­ma­tion about energy-efficient GE LED light­ing options, visit www.gelighting.com/auto

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