January 28, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

nhtsa 1. OEMs Too Cozy with NTHSA

The revolv­ing door between fed­eral agen­cies and com­pa­nies goes on in Wash­ing­ton, at an almost out-of-control rate. The reg­u­la­tors resign their Fed job one day and become a lob­by­ist the next.

The recent depar­ture of David Strick­land as NHTSA head to join a firm to lobby for Chrysler is an alarm­ing, fla­grant example.  


Los Angeles Times
self-driving-cars 2. Giving Self-Driving Cars Some Intuition

Ford, MIT & Stan­ford are work­ing on cars that have intu­ition. First, they are self-driving, then these vehi­cles will have LiDAR infrared sen­sors that could can see around obsta­cles and move away.

Cars will lit­er­ally have com­mon sense, and can take a peek before mak­ing a move.  


Los Angeles Times
thomas-dundon 3. F&I Manager Now Subprime CEO Billionaire

For­mer car sales­man in Dal­las led San­tander Con­sumer USA to suc­cess in Sub­prime auto mar­ket, now com­pany is going pub­lic on Thursday.

Com­pany raised $1.8B, and expects to reap mil­lions from IPO at $24 per share.  



VIDEO: Tom Webb at NADA

Man­heim Consulting’s Tom Webb at the NADA Con­ven­tion in New Orleans, giv­ing his per­spec­tive on some hot top­ics — includ­ing leas­ing, rentals, repos­ses­sions and deal­ers. For exam­ple, he does not think there’s enough leas­ing going on. Watch the video for more.

VIDEO: Changes in Korea
  Working for Korea Inc: Shift in Korean Management Styles

Don Souther­ton, CEO and Pres­i­dent of Bridg­ing Cul­tures World­wide and author of Korea Fac­ing: Secrets for Suc­cess in Korean Global Busi­ness, exam­ines the shift in man­age­ment styles among Korean cor­po­ra­tions from a top down approach to a col­lab­o­ra­tive oper­a­tional norm, in con­ver­sa­tion with The Korea Society’s Direc­tor of Pol­icy and Cor­po­rate Pro­grams, Nikita Desai.

BLOG: Automotive Digestibles
  Is Korean Shadow Management from the Dark Side (like Darth Vader)?

No More Sales Surges: Dave Zuchowski, the new CEO at Hyundai Motor Amer­ica, is out to elim­i­nate volatil­ity in sales vol­ume, which the Korean shadow man­age­ment doesn’t seem to like. Sounds like his chal­lenge is to never attain double-digit sales growth again, but rather just chug along with 3–4% growth every year.

GET MORE DIRT on this crazy sit­u­a­tion at Hyundai Motor America.

More Six in 60

moneyball 4. You Now Need a Moneyball Resume

Aver­age length of time it took to get a job was 23 days in 2013. The whole process of resume review, mul­ti­ple inter­views, phone calls, and per­son­al­ity test­ing takes time and costs money. Google “Mon­ey­ball hir­ing” and see what we mean.

Employ­ers, includ­ing deal­ers, are try­ing to fig­ure out how to make hir­ing more cost effec­tive. Seek­ing the right algorithm.


truecar 5. Sonic Not Super on TrueCar Anymore

Third largest auto deal­er­ship has told True­Car that their deal is over at end of Jan­u­ary. The tiff occurred when True­Car elected to sue Sonic last August over use of the term “TruePrice” in Sonic’s advertising.

True­Car then told Sonic it would drop the suit if Sonic agreed to put TrueCar’s pro­gram in all their deal­er­ships. That was enough for Sonic.


desjardins 6. ESOPs Give Employees Dealership Stake

One of the most excit­ing deal­er­ship own­er­ship struc­tures in the coun­try is a Min­nesota deal­er­ship actu­ally owned by the employ­ees. Yes, that’s right, an ESOP or an Employee Stock Own­er­ship Plan.

Eich Motor Co., a VW and Mazda deal­er­ship is owned by Eich Des­Jardins and 80 employ­ees and the plan is work­ing. It’s one of nine such deal­er­ships in the U.S.


Doing It Right  

Deal­er­ships require a part­ner that under­stands how dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy has trans­formed the car-buying expe­ri­ence for both deal­ers and consumers

In response to the need, KPA intro­duced DigiGo, a dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing com­pany that deliv­ers a fully-integrated dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing pro­gram with web­sites, SEO, SEM, and Social Media work­ing together to increase engage­ment and turn shop­pers into buyers.

Vane Clay­ton, Pres­i­dent and CEO of KPA noted, “Now more than ever, deal­er­ship suc­cess is reliant on a com­pre­hen­sive and for­ward think­ing dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing strat­egy. DigiGo com­bines the strength of KPA’s 27-years of expe­ri­ence in deal­er­ship oper­a­tions and rep­u­ta­tion as a trusted part­ner with TK Car­sites’ award win­ning web­sites and inno­va­tions in SEO to deliver a dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing pro­gram that allow our clients to dom­i­nate in their pri­mary mar­ket area.”

The in-house DigiGo cre­ative ser­vices team builds cus­tom web­sites with an inven­tory first approach to web­site design. Incor­po­rat­ing inno­va­tions in vehi­cle detail pages, DigiGo web­sites use inner page real estate to pro­mote deal­er­ships unique sell­ing propositions.

To find out more about this new pro­gram, check out the DigiGo press release.


Build a Better Dealership

greenOEMS Find that Green Sells Cars to Millennials

There is an assump­tion that Mil­len­ni­als don’t like cars because sales among the demo­graphic are down – a valid enough conclusion.

Yet, a recent study by AutoTrader.com found that of the Mil­len­ni­als sur­veyed, only 6% cited lack of inter­est in dri­ving as a rea­son for not pur­chas­ing a car.

Not only that, but many dis­played dis­cernible opin­ions about what brands they like and don’t like, with Honda and Chevy get­ting big thumbs up.

The dif­fer­ence between Mil­len­ni­als and pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tions is that while Boomers and X-ers sim­ply accepted the para­me­ters of the “Amer­i­can Dream” – hav­ing a fam­ily, buy­ing a house in the sub­urbs, and dri­ving a car to work every day – Mil­len­ni­als are more likely to make their pur­chas­ing deci­sions based on what suits their cur­rent lifestyle.

Read more …

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

Advo­cat­ing for mobile device absti­nence is ridicu­lous — they are evolv­ing and becom­ing ever more use­ful, com­pelling and ubiq­ui­tous. But per­haps we should take respon­si­bil­ity, break the cycle, and reclaim our man­ners (or at least locate the mute button).

The Eti­quette of Mobile Device Use

1. Dis­cre­tion
Your pri­vate use of your mobile devices should min­i­mize attract­ing any­one else’s atten­tion. Assume that nobody around you wants to be actively aware that you are using your device, much less what you are doing with it, and be discreet.

2. Respect
You should afford those around you respect when­ever using your device:
– Not dis­tract­ing other peo­ple
– Not dis­rupt­ing other peo­ple
– Not ignor­ing peo­ple who are try­ing to engage with you

3. Safety
You should never put your safety or any­one else’s safety at risk by look­ing down at your device while cross­ing roads, dri­ving, walk­ing on uneven ground/near lamp­posts, walk­ing in crowded places, pour­ing hot cof­fee, or such­like activ­i­ties that require a sen­si­ble amount of attention.

Learn more about goals of mobile device etiquette.

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