January 9, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

text-and-drive 1. Texting While Driving Will Ultimately Cause You to Crash

  • Study con­firms that dial­ing, tex­ting, or reach­ing for your cell causes crashes
  • Just talk­ing on the phone not nearly as dangerous
  • Study did not cover hand­held vs. hands-free, however


Los Angeles Times
cng-at-pump 2. Growing Interest by Consumers in Running on Natural Gas

  • OEMs strug­gling to deal with renewed inter­est in NG vehicles
  • Sup­ply­ing the tech­nol­ogy for a niche mar­ket is logis­ti­cal challenge
  • Chrysler has one NG vehi­cle; GM some pick­ups, work­ing aftermarket


Financial Times
applying-for-jobs 3. Expect LinkedIn to Become Major Dealership Recruiting Tool

  • Plans to use data from 250M users to help com­pa­nies hire
  • Esti­mated that at least 10% of users are in “auto­mo­tive sector”
  • Users can select com­pany and see what and who has been hired


Financial Times

VIDEO: Prioritizing Your Dealership's Lighting

Let there be light: proper and effec­tive light­ing start­ing with your sig­nage. Assess the light­ing in your biggest area of expo­sure, the lot, front and back. Then go to the ser­vice bay and the show­room. See how the “out­doors” around your deal­er­ship are being blan­keted with light — and then check out some deal­er­ships that have gain great suc­cess by “let­ting the light shine.”

VIDEO: Consumers and Connected Cars
  Lots of Excitement, Confusion Among Connected Cars

Con­sumers have an enor­mous amount of inter­est in — and con­fu­sion about — con­nected cars. And depend­ing upon brand of vehi­cle, there’s a fairly high level of adoption.

VIDEO: CES in Las Vegas
  CES: Tech Groups Throw a Curved TV

Finan­cial Times San Fran­cisco cor­re­spon­dent Tim Brad­shaw reports on day two of the 2014 Con­sumer Elec­tron­ics Show in Las Vegas, and assesses tech­nol­ogy com­pa­nies’ chances of suc­cess with curved and ultra-high def­i­n­i­tion televisions.

More Six in 60

uber 4. Uber Car Service’s Pricing Algorithm Means Fewer Car Owners

  • Uber is a car ser­vice that seeks to bring cars and cus­tomers eye­balls together
  • Idea is to push but­ton or click and a pri­vate lux­ury car ser­vice shows up in minutes
  • Could be poten­tial threat to car own­er­ship & dealer sales & services


connected-car 5. OEMs Seek to Connect Cars with Web & Equip Like a Cell Phone

  • Automak­ers are seek­ing to con­nect with Web & customers
  • Rolling out mar­ket­ing & equip­ment strate­gies at  CES 2014
  • OEMs see data pipelines as way to pro­vide services


toyota-ev 6. Toyota Developed Car to Power Owner’s House for a Week

  • Toy­ota announced new info on fuel cell cars and future sales
  • Also includes adapter to enable car to power elec­tric­ity to homes
  • Car can pro­duce enough elec­tric to power a home for a week


Doing It Right  

Why attend this LED Light­ing Panel in New Orleans:

Energy-efficient LED light­ing from GE is help­ing auto deal­ers save money on their lots while beau­ti­fully show­cas­ing vehi­cles, adding a mea­sure of secu­rity and enhanc­ing the cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. It would be very timely and pro­duc­tive if dealer prin­ci­pals and gen­eral man­agers made it a point to attend one of three panel pre­sen­ta­tions at NADA.

Ryan will also be speak­ing on an NADA Edu­ca­tional Panel on how to “Improve Cash Flow and Prof­its with Green Ini­tia­tives,” which focuses on sus­tain­able green ini­tia­tives, light­ing tech­nolo­gies and financ­ing options to help improve prof­its and reduce util­ity costs.

Here is the Panel Schedule:

1/24/2014      2:00pm -   3:15pm     Room 220 — 222
1/26/2014     10:30am — 11:45am     Room 228 — 230
1/26/2014      3:30pm -   4:45pm     Room 211 — 213

Get to NADA Booth: To “see” and gain a live demo and to hear the com­pelling rea­sons why LED light­ing is trans­form­ing the show­rooms and front lots of deal­er­ships, GE Light­ing will be exhibit­ing at the upcom­ing NADA Show (Booth #4601)

Deal­er­ships are begin­ning to see the “lights”(LED)

To see one such exam­ple is the world’s first all-LED Mercedes-Benz deal­er­ship in Fort Mitchell, Ken­tucky. The deal­er­ship will use about 40% less light­ing energy with LED than con­ven­tional tech­nolo­gies, sav­ing $46,000 a year.

DO SOME ADVANCE RESEARCH on light­ing prior to NADA or your next meet­ing with the GM or Controller.


Build a Better Dealership

Toyota leasingWhat Could Off-Leasing Boom Mean in 2014?

Leas­ing turned things around for vehi­cle sales three years ago – fueled by low inter­est rates, ris­ing resid­ual val­ues, and sweet deals from automak­ers with lower monthly payments.

Now, more off-lease cus­tomers are start­ing to return to the mar­ket. Automak­ers, deal­ers, and lenders are start­ing to pon­der a few questions.

What does it mean for brand loy­alty and cus­tomer reten­tion? Off-lease cus­tomers tend to be good for reten­tion, but the com­pet­i­tive land­scape is get­ting intense with incen­tives and low-priced monthly pay­ments being promoted.

Gen­eral Motors entered the leas­ing race last month after being away for a long time.

Auto lenders have been soft­en­ing their under­writ­ing stan­dards this year. Leas­ing has been grow­ing in this envi­ron­ment. What if lenders have gone too far?

Click here to read about other issues being con­sid­ered includ­ing early buy­outs and the resid­ual value environment…….

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

Here is a suc­cess story of how GE Light­ing helped cre­ate the ulti­mate deal­er­ship with an all-LED light­ing facil­ity inside and out.

The Deal­er­ship:  Mercedes-Benz of Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

The Prob­lem:  When Mercedes-Benz wanted to come into the Cincinnati/Northern Ken­tucky mar­ket, every­body said the prop­erty couldn’t become a car deal­er­ship. The res­i­dents had three concerns—lighting, light­ing and light­ing. The deal­er­ship had to rally com­mu­nity sup­port to rezone the area and it was impor­tant to make a pos­i­tive first impression.

The Solu­tion:  The deal­er­ship uses GE Evolve™ LED Area Lights and Evolve™ LED Post Tops to illu­mi­nate its dri­ve­way and inven­tory. Advanced optics aim light pre­cisely where it’s needed and away from neigh­bors’ yards adja­cent to the property.

What Hap­pened:  The deal­er­ship received calls from sev­eral res­i­dents: ‘I love your lights!’. The re-zoning wouldn’t have passed with­out GE’s fixtures.

READ MORE to get learn about this extra­or­di­nary suc­cess story.

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