February 13, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

corvette-sinkhole 1. Sinkhole Swallows at Corvettes at Kentucky Museum

Sink­hole caused part of the Corvette Museum in Bowl­ing Green, KY, to col­lapse Wednes­day – tak­ing eight cars down with it.

Six of those eight cars were owned by the museum, and the other two were on loan from GM.


Las Vegas Review Journal
ford-fiesta-21best 2. U.S. News Chooses 21 Best Cars for the Money

U.S. News & set out to cre­ate a list of critically-acclaimed vehi­cles that are both well-equipped and a great value amongst all the 2014 models.

Foreign-owned mod­els rep­re­sented 13 of the 21 vehi­cles on the list.


The Detroit Bureau
aluminum-f150 3. Thanks to New F-150, a Run on Aluminum

Ford’s new aluminum-body F-150 has caused a frenzy among com­pet­i­tive OEMs, who are ink­ing deals with alu­minum suppliers.

Since the eas­i­est way to improve fuel econ­omy is by reduc­ing weight, alu­minum is likely to be in high demand. And, in the short term, there’s not enough alu­minum to go around.



VIDEO: Do Anything on a Mobile Deviced

Remar­keters are able to look at his­tor­i­cal data, scan VIN num­bers, and much more whether in the office, out on the road, or at auctions.

VIDEO: How OneCommand Helps Dealers
  OneCommand CEO Jeff Hart

Jeff Hart talks about how his company’s prod­ucts help deal­ers drive more rev­enue through ser­vice repairs, and through sales.

VIDEO: Popular Super Bowl Ad
  Maserati’s Super Bowl Ad: Ghibli — Strike

Walk out of the shad­ows, qui­etly walk out of the dark — and strike. Maserati’s much-touted spot from the 2014 Super Bowl.

More Six in 60

Toyota Motor Corp. Prius Vehicle Images As The Company Recalls Most Priuses Ever Sold to Fix Software Flaw 4. Toyota Recalls 1.9M Prius Cars for Software Glitch

Toy­ota is recall­ing 1.9 mil­lion hybrid Prius cars glob­ally for a soft­ware glitch that could cause the vehi­cle to stall.

Toy­ota Motor Corp. said that 997,000 Prius cars in Japan, some 713,000 in North Amer­ica, another 130,000 in Europe and the rest in other regions are being recalled for a prob­lem in the soft­ware to con­trol the hybrid system.


jdp 5. 4-Cylinder Engines Lead to Dependability Drop in 3-Year-Old Vehicles

A ris­ing num­ber of smaller, more pow­er­ful but trou­ble­some four-cylinder engines led to the first decline in vehi­cle depend­abil­ity in 15 years, accord­ing to J.D. Power & Asso­ciates’ U.S. Vehi­cle Depend­abil­ity Study.

J.D. Power mea­sures over­all vehi­cle depend­abil­ity by deter­min­ing the num­ber of prob­lems cus­tomers expe­ri­ence per 100 vehi­cles dur­ing the first three years of ownership.


tesla 6. Ohio Moves to Block Tesla’s Direct Sales Model – Again

Ohio law­mak­ers are mak­ing a fresh attempt to out­law Tesla Motors’ retail model — company-owned deal­er­ships — after an unsuc­cess­ful try in December.

The pro­posal, Sen­ate Bill 260, was intro­duced at the request of the Ohio Auto­mo­bile Deal­ers Asso­ci­a­tion, whose mem­bers see Tesla as a threat to a sys­tem in which nearly all deal­er­ships are inde­pen­dently owned franchises.


Doing It Right  

Deal­ers under­stand the power of social media mar­ket­ing. How­ever, they are unsure about where their cus­tomers and prospects are spend­ing their time, what to say to their social com­mu­ni­ties, and how to best man­age the for­ever grow­ing and evolv­ing world of social media.

Together, OneCom­mand and Wild­fire by Google, one of the world’s largest social media mar­ket­ing soft­ware providers, have brought to mar­ket Social Roots, a turn-key social media solu­tion that mon­i­tors, engages, and grows a dealership’s social com­mu­ni­ties through proven, results-driven methods.

“Through count­less hours of social media mar­ket­ing research and our part­ner­ship with Wild­fire by Google, we saw the need for Social Roots. This solu­tion pro­vides deal­ers with the answers to these ques­tions, along with the advan­tages of real-time social mon­i­tor­ing, and an under­stand­ing of what moti­vates their social fol­low­ers to act with and engage with their brand,” com­ments Jeff Hart, Pres­i­dent and CEO of OneCom­mand.

Social Roots is a OneCom­mand Traf­fi­cAc­cel­er­a­tor solu­tion which allows deal­er­ships to engage and grow a new seg­ment of cus­tomers and prospects, their social com­mu­ni­ties. These solu­tions drive traf­fic and rev­enue by address­ing impor­tant deal­er­ship opportunities.

Learn more about this new partnership.


Build a Better Dealership

best-practicesAuto Dealer Internet Best Practice Tips

The auto­mo­tive Inter­net mar­ket­place con­tin­ues to grow by leaps and bounds on a yearly basis.

Auto­by­tel was the orig­i­nal inno­va­tor of Inter­net auto leads.

Over the years, Auto­by­tel  has con­tin­ued to pro­duce cutting-edge prod­ucts and ser­vices to help your car deal­er­ship turn leads into sales.

Fol­low these Inter­net best prac­tice tips:

• Respond to all pur­chase requests with 30 min­utes (dur­ing work­ing hours)

• Send pro­fes­sional look­ing emails that pro­vide a pos­i­tive impression

• Send the price quote email before call­ing for an appointment

• Ask ques­tions in an email to open the inven­tory selec­tion and find the customer’s hot buttons

More …

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

By now you may be aware that One Com­mand and Higher Gear have merged. This com­ing together of two lead­ing com­pa­nies with branded ser­vices for deal­ers is really timely to meet the chal­lenges of a rapidly chang­ing auto­mo­tive industry.

OneCom­mand is one of the CRM lead­ers, if not the lead­ing Cus­tomer Mar­ket­ing and Loy­alty Automa­tion Plat­form for auto deal­ers. The Higher Gear Group is a lead­ing provider of cus­tomer rela­tion­ship man­age­ment (CRM) soft­ware and ser­vices to the auto­mo­tive industry.

The part­ner­ship between OneCom­mand and The Higher Gear Group posi­tions them for accel­er­ated suc­cess in the auto­mo­tive mar­ket. Over the years, OneCom­mand and The Higher Gear Group have both been known for cre­at­ing tools for auto­mo­tive deal­er­ships to enhance rela­tion­ships with cus­tomers, improve work­flow, and gen­er­ate addi­tional revenue.

You can con­nect with either com­pany and get thor­oughly briefed on just how this new combo of expert CRM com­pa­nies can make your sales & ser­vice teams more effec­tive, pro­duc­tive, and profit enhancers.  Just go to either www.onecommand.com or www.highergear.com.

Get more details on the merger here.

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