February 6, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

new car lover 1. Are Americans Really Falling Out of Love with the Automobile?

The auto indus­try is in the mid­dle of a cri­sis called Peak Car—the idea that Amer­ica is get­ting over its century-long love affair with the automobile.

Amer­i­cans are dri­ving less, but car sales have almost bounced back to where they were before the Great Recession.


ram 1500 2. Ram 1500 Diesel Sets New Fuel Economy Benchmark for Pickups

The U.S. Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion Agency has cer­ti­fied the 2014 Ram 1500 diesel at 28 miles per gal­lon on the high­way, the best rat­ing ever achieved by a full-size, half-ton pickup.

With the high­way mileage and a 20 mpg city rat­ing, the EPA cer­ti­fied the pickup with a com­bined rat­ing of 23 mpg.


airbags 3. NHTSA investigating Problem with Honda Accords Air Bags

The National High­way Traf­fic Safety Admin­is­tra­tion is open­ing a pre­lim­i­nary inves­ti­ga­tion into more than 360,000 2008 Honda Accord cars over com­plaints that air bags deploy acci­den­tally when a door is closed.

NHTSA said it reviewed 28 com­plaints alleg­ing inad­ver­tent deploy­ment of the side air bags.


Detroit News

VIDEO: Investing in an Image Program

How much deal­ers are invest­ing in LED light­ing really depends on how much they want to imme­di­ately improve the image, look, and brand­ing of their store. And the money is invested will gen­er­ally be recov­ered in 2 to 4 years.

VIDEO: Good Lighting Sells Cars
  Prioritizing Your Dealership’s Lighting

Let there be light: proper and effec­tive light­ing start­ing with your sig­nage. Assess the light­ing in your biggest area of expo­sure, the lot, front and back. Then go to the ser­vice bay and the show­room. See how the “out­doors” around your deal­er­ship are being blan­keted with light — and then check out some deal­er­ships that have gain great suc­cess by “let­ting the light shine.”

VIDEO: Chrysler's Super Bowl Ad
  Chrysler’s Super Bowl Commercial, with Bob Dylan

When it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from any­where else, Amer­i­can pride. The all-new 2015 Chrysler 200. America’s Import.

More Six in 60

cars-dot-com-app 4. New Car Transition Prices & Incentives Down

Cars.com says new car trans­ac­tion prices in Jan­u­ary will fall below $30K.

Esti­mated aver­age trans­ac­tion price (ATP) for light vehi­cles in the U.S. was $29,882 in Jan­u­ary 2014.


toyota recall 5. Toyota Wears Recall Crown for Second Straight Year

The National High­way Traf­fic Safety Admin­is­tra­tion said Toy­ota recalled nearly 5.3 mil­lion vehi­cles last year. The Japan­ese automaker topped Chrysler Group, which came in sec­ond by call­ing back almost 4.7 mil­lion vehicles.

Over­all, automak­ers recalled almost 22 mil­lion cars last year, the NHTSA said. That was 34% higher than the pre­vi­ous year and the most since 30.8 mil­lion vehi­cles were recalled in 2004, accord­ing to agency.


no-more 6. Will Chat Self Destruct Your Car Sales Job?

Snapchat, until Its recent cyber­se­cu­rity prob­lem, was the coolest way for teenagers to send short mes­sages & self­ies they knew would dis­ap­pear moments after being read.

Now com­pa­nies (includ­ing deal­er­ship teams) are being pitched by chat soft­ware providers who, iron­i­cally enough, want a higher level of security.


Doing It Right  

Ford Motor Com­pany will rebrand the ADP Ser­viceEdge solu­tion for Ford and Lin­coln deal­ers as Ford & Lin­coln SMART Tech­nol­ogy pow­ered by ADP.

“Ford and ADP have rec­og­nized that we’re reach­ing a new era in the ser­vice depart­ment where the cus­tomer is more empow­ered and expects more con­trol, trans­parency and per­sonal treat­ment,” said Bob Karp, ADP’s SVP North Amer­ica Oper­a­tions and Sales.  “The ADP Ser­viceEdge tech­nol­ogy enables this trans­for­ma­tion, plus it gives deal­ers a con­sis­tent process to drive their growth in service.”

  • Cus­tomers can select their pre­ferred Ser­vice Advi­sor, main­te­nance pack­age and method of transportation.
  • Appoint­ments are recorded seam­lessly into the Dealer Man­age­ment Systems
  • Auto­matic reminders are emailed to cus­tomers in advance of every visit.
  • Ford has begun a national roll­out cam­paign to announce the first com­po­nent of SMART Tech­nol­ogy, SMARTT Appointments—Ford’s new, DMS-integrated, online solu­tion, which helps Ford and Lin­coln cus­tomers sched­ule ser­vice appoint­ments at their pre­ferred deal­er­ship by sim­ply vis­it­ing Ford and Lin­coln web­sites, includ­ing Fordowner.com and Lincolnowner.com.

    Addi­tional SMART Tech­nol­ogy sys­tem mod­ules will be announced later this year.

    For more infor­ma­tion about ADP,  www.adp.com.


    Build a Better Dealership

    Puck-and-coPatterning Your Dealership’s Business Model After Armani & Wolfgang Puck

    What does run­ning a restau­rant have to do with run­ning a dealership?

    Here’s some advice from Wolf­gang Puck him­self — specif­i­cally, Three Actions that have con­tributed to the suc­cess of the Puck Restaurants:

    1. Talk to Your Cus­tomers – When cus­tomers come to your deal­er­ship, they are com­ing to your “house.” They ulti­mately are going to pay you for a car or ser­vice so reach out for them, and talk and listen.
    2. Stick to What You Know Best — In a deal­er­ship oper­a­tion, your team has to do it all — but  your cus­tomers will tell you if your team does sales or ser­vice or cus­tomer rela­tions well. Mar­ket and sup­port this “specialty.”
    3. Hire Young Peo­ple: Get new ideas and pay atten­tion to what the young peo­ple in your deal­er­ship are telling you. They will tell you what is hap­pen­ing and what you should be doing to gain new cus­tomers – and how to take care of your exist­ing ones.


    Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

    How can deal­ers more effec­tively com­mu­ni­ca­tion with their customers?

    Stay­ing in con­tact and com­mu­ni­cat­ing with cus­tomers are ongo­ing chal­lenges. The solu­tion is to pro­vide com­mu­ni­ca­tion tools to deal­ers that enable them to reach out to cur­rent cus­tomers, poten­tial cus­tomers, and online leads through their pre­ferred mode of communication.

    What DMS Sys­tems are pro­vid­ing the abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate the way their cus­tomers prefer?

    DMS sys­tems that offer an inno­v­a­tive mar­ket­ing and com­mu­ni­ca­tions solu­tion to dealer cus­tomers, like Autosoft, are enabling deal­ers to reach out to cur­rent cus­tomers, poten­tial cus­tomers, and online leads through their pre­ferred mode of communication.

    Autosoft, Inc., one of the lead­ing national dealer solu­tions providers, has met this need by just announc­ing a part­ner­ing agree­ment with SimplyCast.com to co-market their Sim­ply­Cast 360 Automa­tion Man­ager dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing plat­form to Autosoft customers.

    The Solu­tion to another prob­lem: No Shows

    In addi­tion to the com­plete dealer man­age­ment sys­tem pro­vided by Autosoft, Sim­ply­Cast 360 helps auto­mo­tive deal­er­ships reduce no-shows with appoint­ment reminders, pro­vides tar­geted mes­sages for each cus­tomer based on their pref­er­ences, and offers ser­vice reminders and exclu­sive pro­mo­tions based on vehi­cle type and pur­chase date

    FIND OUT MORE about what this co-marketing arrange­ment between Autosoft and Sim­ply­Cast 360 can do for your dealership.

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