February 3, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

lease 1. Lessee Drivers Seek Different Wheels

Lessee-Drivers, AKA cus­tomers, are escap­ing their car leases at a record pace.

Leas­ing is back in style and OEM cap­tives are offer­ing deals to lure dri­vers to new brands and makes.


cars-in-snow 2. It Sucks, But January Car Sales Were Frozen Out

Edmunds says that cold, cold weather is going to lit­er­ally freeze Jan­u­ary car sales.

Relent­less win­ter weather likely kept car shop­pers away from dealerships.


auto-financing 3. Auto Lenders Gobbled Up For Big Bucks

The auto­mo­tive indus­try, it seems, will soon have no more than half a dozen sys­tems and ser­vice providers, and no more than half a dozen auto finance companies.

Recent acqui­si­tions bear this out – and soon Deal­er­Track and Route One will be the fun­neled money source for all kinds of auto loans.



VIDEO: The Greatest Time to Be in the Auto Biz

The first thing that a GM should do every Mon­day morn­ing is to real­ize that right now is the best time to be in the auto­mo­tive retail­ing business—and then moti­vate your staff to look for new oppor­tu­ni­ties every day.

VIDEO: Millennials and Car Buying
  Millennial Buying Habits are Shaped by Today’s Events

Deal­ers need to under­stand mil­len­ni­als, and to reach them where they are. Smart use of social media is a good place to start.

OPINION: Complacency at NADA in NOLA
  What Was the Real Theme of the NADA Convention?

Find­ing the Theme of the 2014 NADA: Every NADA con­ven­tion has a theme, a thread of inter­est that touches all auto deal­ers and often speaks to what’s com­ing in the next year or two. This theme is never evi­dent or clear until you arrive here. Some­times it pops up on the first day. But some­times it takes all three days before you can iden­tify it.  READ ON to find out what the theme of this year’s con­ven­tion really was.

More Six in 60

fiat-chrysler 4. New Fiat Chrysler Drops its Mother

Fiat Chrysler is mov­ing away from its roots in Italy and shift­ing its brand­ing, fund­ing, and mar­ket­ing to a new hold­ing company.

The restruc­tur­ing of Fiat Chrysler and long drawn out saga over the last five years has resulted in an aban­don­ment of Mother Fiat in Italy.


end-of-facebook 5. Facebook Selling Ads as Demise Looms?

Prince­ton study says Face­book and Social media could be demised by mobile.

Trend­ing down on Google search as aca­d­e­mics claim they used a “cor­re­la­tion equals cau­sa­tion” model to sug­gest that Face­book is going down.


automotive-news-logo 6. Where’s My Copy of Automotive News?

Every week, the print ver­sion gets deliv­ered by the USPS on Thurs­day. Dig­i­tal ver­sion a day later online.

Six months ago, the print ver­sion would land in front of the office first thing Mon­day  morn­ing, then a num­bers per­son in Detroit stopped that great idea.


Doing It Right  

Tak­ing dealer man­age­ment to new lev­els of usabil­ity and func­tion­al­ity, Deal­er­track Tech­nolo­gies has unveiled Deal­er­track DMS 2.0, a rev­o­lu­tion­ary new dealer man­age­ment system.

Deal­er­track deliv­ers a num­ber of new usabil­ity and func­tional ben­e­fits to its DMS cus­tomers and seeks to do by redefin­ing such DMW terms like “ease of use” and “functionality.”

New Graph­i­cal User Inter­face and Enhanced Mobil­ity are among the Key Fea­tures of Deal­er­track DMS 2.0.

What Deal­er­track Man­age­ment is Say­ing About This DMS Interface:

“The new Deal­er­track DMS 2.0 is the real­iza­tion of our com­mit­ment to inno­va­tion, mobil­ity and ease-of-use across our entire prod­uct line, and will set the stan­dard for how dealer man­age­ment sys­tems will be used in the future,” said Sharon Kitz­man, vice pres­i­dent and gen­eral man­ager, DMS, Dealertrack.

READ ON and see the long list of “deliv­er­ables” from the Deal­er­track DMS includ­ing all the ben­e­fits and rea­sons for using the system.


Build a Better Dealership

auto_dealerships22Dealer Alert: OEMs Making Management, Design, Pricing & Product Moves

Here is the Sit­u­a­tion as seen by your Dealer Digest Daily Press Corps:

Pickup up the Busi­ness sec­tion of the WSJ, Finan­cial Times, your strug­gling home town news­pa­per, or even Auto­mo­tive News– or go online –and you will see arti­cles and announce­ments in almost every daily issue about an OEM mak­ing some major change in some as aspect of their mar­ket pres­ence or orga­ni­za­tional structure..

Some Exam­ples of head­lines and fea­tured arti­cles in just the last week:

  • Nis­san Pins Hopes on a Man­age­ment Trio
  • Daim­ler Open to China Stake Sale
  • Mar­chionne Gains Room to Maneuver
  • VW Poised to rein in costs after sales growth stalls
  • Rolls-Royce & Mini Look into Mak­ing SUVs
  • Hyundai Bets on Gen­e­sis in Lux­ury Path

What does this mean to you & your deal­er­ship? READ MORE about how all these news devel­op­ments might impact your deal­er­ship, its sales, and prof­its – and maybe your job.

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

A Big Birth­day — Cel­e­brat­ing 50: The War­ranty Group kicked off its 50th year cel­e­bra­tion at the NADA Con­ven­tion in New Orleans.

A Pio­neer of Auto­mo­tive F&I: The War­ranty Group was ini­tially formed as Pat Ryan and Asso­ciates to pro­vide con­sumers with credit and insur­ance prod­ucts through auto­mo­bile deal­er­ships. It has since expanded beyond the auto­mo­tive indus­try into con­sumer prod­ucts, finan­cial ser­vices, and spe­cialty lines of busi­ness in more than 30 coun­tries around the world.

“Since our hum­ble begin­nings in 1964, inno­va­tion and excel­lence have been our main pri­or­i­ties,” said The War­ranty Group’s pres­i­dent and chief exec­u­tive offi­cer, Thomas War­sop. “As one of the world’s pre­em­i­nent single-source providers for the under­writ­ing, admin­is­tra­tion, and mar­ket­ing of ser­vice con­tracts and related ben­e­fits, our goal remains to pro­vide unique solu­tions that cre­ate value for both our clients and the consumer.”

“No one under­stands how to improve deal­er­ship F&I per­for­mance bet­ter than The War­ranty Group,” said Char­lie Robin­son, pres­i­dent of the company’s North Amer­ica auto­mo­tive seg­ment. “Our expe­ri­ence is unmatched, and our clients are ben­e­fi­cia­ries of inno­v­a­tive approaches and impact­ful train­ing that help drive long-term growth and asset reten­tion. We’re proud to kick off our 50th year of lead­er­ship at NADA with the indus­try where it all started,” Robin­son concluded.


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