February 19, 2014
Quick Reads: Six in 60

vw-plant 1. UAW Not Giving Up on the South

Close vote still shows how chal­leng­ing it is for UAW to orga­nize newly built plants in the South.

AFL CIO (remem­ber that acronym?) says they are going to keep trying.


Los Angeles Times
kbb_logo22 2. Kelley Analysts Seek to Give VW Vote Meaning

Kel­ley Blue Book wants to pro­vide some per­spec­tive on the loss by the UAW today at the Chat­tanooga plant.

Three experts who study every­thing that is going on in the auto­mo­tive mar­ket seek to give you some perspective.


sales-screen 3. Get Your Salespeople Off Their iPads & In Front of Customers

The sales process in a deal­er­ship seems now to be about iPads, psych­ing out Gen Y and sit­ting in front of monitor.

Get ‘em off the com­puter: the way and the art of sell­ing a car has changed & it needs to.


Automotive News

VIDEO: How to Be a Great Leader

After win­ning the ‘CEO of the Year’ award, Twitter’s Dick Cos­tolo talks about what it takes to be a great leader.

VIDEO: Innovative Automotive Advertising
  Best Auto Ads: Honda’s ‘Hands’

This award-winning spot cel­e­brates the spirit of cre­ativ­ity and inno­va­tion that has made Honda the largest engine man­u­fac­turer and rac­ing com­pany in the world since its found­ing in 1948.

OPINION: Complacency at NADA in NOLA
  What Was the Real Theme of the NADA Convention?

Find­ing the Theme of the 2014 NADA: Every NADA con­ven­tion has a theme, a thread of inter­est that touches all auto deal­ers and often speaks to what’s com­ing in the next year or two. This theme is never evi­dent or clear until you arrive here. Some­times it pops up on the first day. But some­times it takes all three days before you can iden­tify it.  READ ON to find out what the theme of this year’s con­ven­tion really was.

More Six in 60

michelin 4. Kicking Michelin Tyres Shows Deflated Sales & Profits

A lot of vehi­cles, par­tic­u­larly lux­ury Euro­pean cars, roll around on Miche­lin tyres (aka as ‘tires’).

So how Miche­lin is doing finan­cially has to be of inter­est to lux­ury cars deal­ers and suc­cess­ful dealer GMs.


hyundai 5. Hyundai, VW, Toyota See Big Sales Decline in CA

Sales of so-called “imports” in Cal­i­for­nia mar­ket in 2013 could have been better.

CA Car Deal­ers reported that Hyundai took the biggest share loss in 2013.


fortune100 6. Best Companies to Work For – Are Any Auto-Related?

You may have missed the Feb 2 issue of For­tune, detail­ing the 100 Best Com­pa­nies to Work For.

As it turns out, a whole bunch of com­pa­nies that serve, sell, or finance the auto indus­try made this year’s list.


Doing It Right  

Deal­ers under­stand the power of social media mar­ket­ing. How­ever, they are unsure about where their cus­tomers and prospects are spend­ing their time, what to say to their social com­mu­ni­ties, and how to best man­age the for­ever grow­ing and evolv­ing world of social media.

Together, OneCom­mand and Wild­fire by Google, one of the world’s largest social media mar­ket­ing soft­ware providers, have brought to mar­ket Social Roots, a turn-key social media solu­tion that mon­i­tors, engages, and grows a dealership’s social com­mu­ni­ties through proven, results-driven methods.

“Through count­less hours of social media mar­ket­ing research and our part­ner­ship with Wild­fire by Google, we saw the need for Social Roots. This solu­tion pro­vides deal­ers with the answers to these ques­tions, along with the advan­tages of real-time social mon­i­tor­ing, and an under­stand­ing of what moti­vates their social fol­low­ers to act with and engage with their brand,” com­ments Jeff Hart, Pres­i­dent and CEO of OneCom­mand.

Social Roots is a OneCom­mand Traf­fi­cAc­cel­er­a­tor solu­tion which allows deal­er­ships to engage and grow a new seg­ment of cus­tomers and prospects, their social com­mu­ni­ties. These solu­tions drive traf­fic and rev­enue by address­ing impor­tant deal­er­ship opportunities.

Learn more about this new partnership.


Build a Better Dealership

conquestNew Inventory Management and Pricing System Helps Dealers Sell More New Vehicles

The Sit­u­a­tion: Deal­ers cur­rently have the sys­tems & the power of real-time mar­ket data to trans­form their used vehi­cle oper­a­tions and per­for­mance. What they have needed is a sim­i­lar sys­tem to man­age new car inven­to­ries and pricing.

A Solu­tion: Dale Pol­lak and the vAuto team have launched an Inven­tory and Pric­ing Sys­tem for new cars called “Con­quest.” Deal­ers will have com­pre­hen­sive, com­pet­i­tive mar­ket intel­li­gence to make new vehi­cle pric­ing and stock­ing deci­sions that reflect con­sumer demand and desire. In short, Con­quest gives deal­ers a new way to win in new vehicles—one that pro­vides more clar­ity and less con­fu­sion for con­sumers, and improved sales and prof­itabil­ity for dealers.

What Dale Pol­lak says: “Con­quest will change the game in new vehi­cles, just as our Pro­vi­sion sys­tem has changed the game in used vehicles.”

Bot­tom Line for New Car Sales Man­age­ment: Improved sales, prof­itabil­ity and trans­parency in their new vehi­cle departments.

READ MORE to get details on how this can work in your dealership.

Smart Thinking - Pass It On  

The awards are given for dis­tinc­tion in out­stand­ing cus­tomer ser­vice based upon cus­tomers’ reviews of their deal­er­ship expe­ri­ences shared on DealerRater’s web site.

The 2014 award win­ners demon­strated con­sis­tently high Pow­er­Score rat­ings for cus­tomer sat­is­fac­tion, plac­ing them in the top of their class.  The Pow­er­Score is deter­mined using a Bayesian algo­rithm that fac­tors the dealership’s aver­age Deal­er­Rater con­sumer rat­ing and the total num­ber of reviews writ­ten about the deal­er­ship dur­ing the 2013 cal­en­dar year.

The deal­er­ship must also have had at least twenty-five (25) new reviews writ­ten on DealerRater’s web site dur­ing the 2013 cal­en­dar year and an aver­age rat­ing greater than 4.0 (cal­cu­lated monthly), with 5.0 as the high­est pos­si­ble score.

•  The high­est honor is pre­sented to Bozard Ford Lin­coln of St. Augus­tine, Florida as over­all 2014 Dealer of the Year.  A family-owned and oper­ated deal­er­ship since 1949, this excep­tional dealer received 982 reviews and earned a twelve-month aver­age Pow­er­Score™ of 4.89 out of 5.0 in 2013.

•  Cap­i­tal GMC Buick Cadil­lac of Regina, Saskatchewan is awarded as the top 2014 Cana­dian Dealer of the Year.  With an impres­sive 699 reviews in 2013, the deal­er­ship pro­duced a twelve-month aver­age Pow­er­Score of 4.80, the high­est score of all Cana­dian dealers.

“We con­grat­u­late all 2014 Dealer of the Year win­ners,” said Chip Grueter, founder and chief tech­nol­ogy archi­tect of Deal­er­Rater.  “With the ever-growing sig­nif­i­cance of deal­er­ship reviews in the car-buying process, this year’s win­ning deal­er­ships will be able to bet­ter dif­fer­en­ti­ate them­selves for com­pet­i­tive gain over other deal­ers across North America.”

The com­plete list of win­ners is avail­able on DealerRater.com.

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